The Founder

Hey - It’s Mara, but my friends call me “TJ” (and if you’re on our site, then we are totally friends) *hair flip* 💁🏼‍♀️

I dislike talking about myself, I’m more interested in hearing about YOU! But if you really need to know… I’m 23, and to quote one my fave comedians, John Mulaney, “it gets worse”.

I was born and raised in a tiny Alabama town called Albertville until I was in my early teens. I was obviously a cheerleader *second hair flip* 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ #GOTEAM

Eventually I made my way to the City of Angels with the intention of seeing my name in lights on a big marquee! Although at that time I also had the intention of marrying Zac Efron, my passion and love for acting are still very much alive. — In the meantime, I pretend to be my clients for hours a day, which is basically same thing right?

I’ve been working in the Social Media realm the last 5 years honing my craft. 

My favorite people to work with are ARTISTS! I’m a firm believer that artists make the world go round, and inspire some of the biggest positive changes. 

The industry doesn’t really matter to me. I’ve worked with filmmakers, photographers, lifestyle bloggers, musicians, non-profits, authors, and clothing designers, to name a few.

When I am not glued to a screen I am traveling with The Man, doing humanitarian work and being a dog momma. 

Basically I am one happy kid. Every day I put on one of my many pairs of positive pants & attempt to save the world. (Toying with the idea of getting a cape, thoughts?)


The Dude In The Company

If you’re reading this, then you must really like reading Biographies. Or you’re a stalker. Either way, it’s always nice to have fans.

I wear many hats (even though I seldomly wear hats). Essentially I’m the VP of Operations for Gotta Know ME Social. 

Here are some random blurbs about me.

I am Mara’s husband (lucky guy, amiright?).

I’m a guitarist and lyricist. I play in a band called City People. We Rock. We Indie. We Alternative.

I geek out on business administration and organizing.

I intend to become really good at making coffee.

Currently working on 2 web series projects as a host and a scriptwriter.

And I’m down with getting to know all of you stalkers/biography enthusiasts — We’re all friends here.

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