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Claire Malloy (Writer)

Working with Mara has been amazing. She is so encouraging and fun and she has gotten better results for me on my social media than I even expected! Not only does she work to build a perfect audience for your specific brand but she also works to get to know your brand so she can help you specifically with the message you’re trying to convey on your social media. My following is increasing more quickly every day and I’m actually achieving my goals in social media all because of everything Mara has done! I truly recommend that you begin a social media package with Mara as you’ll gain followers and a more successful brand and also an amazing friend and comrade in Mara. Thank you so much Mara!! ♥️🥰♥️🥰 -CM


Life At Sea

When I began working with Mara @ Gotta Know ME, I hoped that truly organic growth could somehow be sped. I knew there had to be a technical side to simply reaching my very specific target audience faster. However, the effectiveness of Mara on this key aspect is far better than I expected. The first wave of new followers was somewhat visibly my target. But by Phase 2, follower after true follower began appearing - and being on social media I could casually look at their posts. They are precisely my target audience. PRECISELY. As we go along, the technology and know-how zeroes in better and better. This is fun to see and of course VERY effective. I’m really communicating to my people. Thank you to Mara! 

Tim, Owner


Highland Kites (Band)

Mara has been helping with my band's Instagram following. Since she's been working on it our followers have doubled, but more importantly people are really engaging with us, buying our music, coming out to shows, etc. She really figured out a tailored program that would result in what we were going for which was not just a bunch of random followers but people that turned into fans of the band. She puts a lot of care into making sure that we are getting good results and our fan base is increasing. As an independent artists it's difficult to do every single thing yourself sometimes and I've found that getting help from someone who knows what they're doing has made a big difference for us.

Marissa of Highland Kites


City People (Band)

When we started working with Mara we had 30 followers on Instagram, got an average of <10 likes a photo and rarely got a comment, and were managing to book 1 show a month - and our Instagram had been live for 6 months. We didn't know what to post, we didn't know who our audience was on Instagram or how to reach them, and we used as many hashtags as we could think of to hopefully capture followers... Which makes sense why we weren't doing so well. Mara helped us name out our audience, find out where they were on Instagram, and post content that was directed at that audience and caused them to actually follow us and engage with us. In 5 months of working with Mara we reached over 9,000 followers and were booking so many shows that we had to pass on some of them. We felt like a real band because we developed a regular following that listened to our music when we released it and they would come to our shows and introduce themselves. Thanks to working with a specialist like Mara, we had peace of mind in regards to our marketing, and we were able to focus more on the music and creative side of things.

Alex of City People


Christy Kendall Photography

As a wedding photographer that does over 40 weddings a year Mara had been a godsend. I have given her access to my favorite images from each wedding and she does the rest. I never could keep up with Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest - let alone get clientele from them, but Mara has changes that. We can now promote via our social media and our followers want to engage and take advantage of the specials, it's incredible as a photographer to make money from your social media and Mara has made that possible.

Christy Kendall


Ideal Bodies Nutrition

Mara has made our social media the simplest thing about being in business. We gave her very basic paramiters to work with and she finds content and publishes it for us. She is fast, efficient, communicative and overall one of the best investments we've put into our marketing. 



Angelica Natalie (Entrepreneur)

A little while back, I had no structure with how I ran my social media. I would post for my businesses, but I wouldn’t get the response that I was looking for. I was in a total confusion! I had worked with others before on this, but their help did not stick and wouldn’t produce lasting results. Then Mara came in and totally saved the day. Not only did she educate me on specific techniques I could use, but my following on social media has double since I started just 2 months ago, and is consistently growing. With a specific handling and figuring out what I needed, we worked together to turn my social media around completely. What a win! 




Mara with Gotta Know Me was fantastic to work with. In very little time I went from knowing nothing about FB strategy and learned a very simple outline on how to target ideal audiences. I learned how to optimize ads on FB and how to tap into Instagram as well and create posts that would capture even more views. I ended our training with the exact actions that I would need to take to start building and felt equipped to starts posts right away! I couldn’t be more thrilled and ready to get creative! Her training was very expert in that it made a complicated thing seem easy and straightforward. I definitely recommend her services to everyone!

Mechelle, Owner

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Chef K Heals/Dynamic 5 Delights

I just had to take a little time to convey how impressive Mara Edwards is at delivering her end product. I reached out to Mara last week for help with my Social Media. It is something that I have been needing to confront for quite sometime. Mara reviewed my business needs and my sites. She then went to work. After just six days my Social Media following is up by 60% and still growing daily. Absolutely incredible results!! Her customer service skills, attention to detail, knowledge of her industry and super upbeat personality make her an absolute winner to work with. 

Thanks again Mara. So glad we met and love that you’re here to guide me in the complexities of the Social Media world!!

Kevin Glashan Smith, Owner

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Lauren Lotz- Photographer

I attended Mara’s seminar about social media strategy and it was so informative! I went in already quite knowledgeable about social media and still learned a lot! I realized I need to be posting more often and engaging more with my audience. Mara is funny, engaging, and so helpful! She was very patient when answering questions, especially with those who have little to no social media experience, and I could tell those people left feeling like they finally had the tools to thrive. I would recommend anyone and everyone attend one of Mara’s seminar’s, or hire her for social media strategy! 

Lauren Lotz

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Mara is AMAZING!

She really knows all about social media. You can tell she has spent time to figure the ins and outs, and tested many routes, to get to where she is today. I know that I can trust her with an account, and she will create an aesthetic feed and grow the followers with no problem. She is super fun and easy to work with, and she won't let you down.

Mara does a very good and thorough job, and can communicate with you and help you anytime you need her. I love working with her!!

Nicole Tab, Executive Director