Why on Earth am I Blogging?

Hi, I’m Mara Edwards. 

M. E. get it?

Gotta know ME... 

Gotta know Mara



thought it was clever.)

Nice to meet ya! 


I’m 22 and a college drop-out. I live in Los Angeles with my husband Alex and our two pups Hiccup and Jinx. Originally from Alabama, I moved here when I was 14 with my dad and sisters.

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And before you continue reading, I am not exceptionally impressive in any way. 

I am not: 

  • A makeup artist

  • A fashionista 

  • A super mom 

  • A brilliant mind

  • A famous actress

Or rich. 

Why am I blogging? 

That is a GREAT question. 

And here’s the answer, I am happy. 

I remember times when I was not. When happiness seemed impossible. I am writing this blog to share what makes me happy, and what makes my life a little easier. Because truth of the matter is, Adulting is hard. There is no book or instruction manual. But it’s not impossible and I am living proof that it can even be fun. 

Here are a few tips I've found helpful: 

1. Find Something to Like About It:

In the world that we live in today it is very easy to feel like there is no good anywhere. Between the media and crummy people out there, a person’s day get’s dark rather quickly. The only way that I have found a way out of the darkness is to find something to like about it. Like that guy on the freeway who just can’t seem to USE HIS F^%$ING BLINKER, he has lovely break lights. Or that person at work who loves to give orders but is a total hypocrite, she did really well to get into a position of power there. I know that it sounds silly. After a while it becomes a habit. I am a strong believer of what you put out is what you get back And seeing the good in others instead of the bad sure does make for a happier life.

2. Drink Lots of Water

3. Coconut Oil - Put that ish on everythang. 


Excited to share every detail of my (average) life with you. 

Much Love,