The Key to Consistency is in Your Purse


We’ve talked a lot about posting consistently, right?

As human beings, we seem to have a knack for complicating things. The minute you start thinking about posting - you’re basically setting up to require a Vanity Fair caliber photo shoot of yourself - daily - to keep your content looking best, and before you’ve even started you’re stopping yourself.

This blog is here to tell you very simply: to simplify.

Remember back in 2011 that song called “Friday”? It was a very complex song with this very obscure and ambiguous concept of…Friday. Like it or hate it - it went completely viral and was a song about the last day before the weekend.

The point is - extremely simple.

That’s not to say you need to go write a song about your favorite day of the week. What we are saying is - use the thing in your back pocket, purse, or more likely your hand!! - your iPhone, and take pictures of your daily life!


Apple has put a lot of work into putting a decent-quality-picture-taking camera right in the palm of your hand and especially just getting started on Instagram - the quality you’re looking for is completely possible!

Create a fun little something in your day - as simple as a trip to your favorite coffee shop - and take pictures of it!

And to help you out - we’ve included a few helpful tips to get the best photo you can out of that handheld content capture-er ;)


1. Check the exposure

Your phone naturally tries to adjust to the exposure and tends to err on the overexposed side - most of us all like bright lively photos but tap your screen in the brightest area of the scene a few times before taking a photo to adjust exposure options and make sure the light is in the right place!

2. Pick a palette


One way to keep your feed cohesive is through - color! Surprise, surprise! Take a look around you now - what colors are you more likely to wear, decorate with and generally choose or gravitate towards? Those ones are generally going to be the easiest to find in your environment and incorporate more into your feed.

When taking photos - try to keep those colors in mind and find them somewhere! If you’re someone who loves a house plant like a pet, look for greens next to your latte art or selfie with friends! Chances are you have some great shades around!

3. Watch the light


We’ll be honest - its very seldom a flash works well. Which means - those "in a cool dark restaurant photos with friends" are haaardd to make work. We recommend: scouting a cute spot outside for your photo of the day, snapping it and putting away your phone to enjoy the moment. Natural lighting is always a winner! So, if you need some more light move closer to the window or open the door! Let the sun in and keep the light soft and not harsh. if you are in LA — check out this list of grammable places!

4. Get some help from filters

Filters should enhance the colors and light you have already curated. They shouldn’t do aaalll the work. But they can be super helpful in taking your content the extra mile. Here’s a few photo editing apps we recommend:


a. VSCO - You can pay a yearly fee for a larger range of options but the basics are pretty darn good! If you can spring for the VSCO membership do so! You can play around with colors, lighting, exposure and much more and become a pro of your own and create and save your own filters.

b. Snapseed - Snapseed has some filters but really a lot of great tools for adjusting the great photo you already have! Download it and just play around!
c. Instagram - The old favorite and a great beginner intro to filters! Instagram has greatly increased the amount of filters they have as well as the quality! Starting off with consistently applying your favorite Instagram filter will not steer you wrong!


So - check out these apps and get that phone out and do something fun and photographable today!

Much Love,

Mara Jesse

How to use Graphic Design to Create Social Media Content!

In today’s world, we are surrounded with information. Whether self-created or coming at us, much of it is communicated visually and it’d be fair to say that many people have a voracious visual appetite. Because of this, how something is communicated then becomes very important. 

Let’s talk about how this can play out on social media. A post can be just a post (“Blah…ok, hmm. Pass”) or a post can stop you in your tracks and really engage you (“Wow! I would love to be there right now” or “Yes, that’s totally me!”). A key factor in getting you that second reaction is graphic design. Striking the right chord with viewers from the first glance is crucial.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines graphic design as, “the art of profession of using design elements (such as typography and images) to convey information or create an effect also a product of this art.” That last bit there about creating an effect, that’s what we’re going for. It’s our job as graphic designers, to help you shape visual content to create an effect—impact your viewer in a particular way. The kind of an effect you’d like to create is up to you and the story of your brand. 

If you’re reading this blog, then I’d venture to say you’re familiar with the types of visual content but just as a refresh, here are a few examples: illustrations, photography, videos, animation, quotes and infographics. Each one of these forms of communication can be enhanced by great graphic design. Here are some design elements to take into consideration when creating posts:


—Color: Do you have a theme for certain types of posts? Do your photos have a tint or mood to them? Do the colors marry to the tone of voice of your brand? Have you considered complimentary colors or are you sticking with a more homogeneous palette? 

—Contrast: The difference between light and dark in an image. High contrast images will have bright highlights and dark shadows, bold colours, and show texture in the subject. Low contrast images will have a narrow range of tones and might therefore feel flat or dull. Adding in an element of contrast can help your post stand out. This can be done with any element of design. 

—Typography: Make sure your text is easy to read on a phone since the majority of viewers will be seeing your posts there. More succinct posts, in terms of text as “image” is preferred. Font choice can really affect perception so make sure the font you choose is correct. Are you looking for something bold, feminine, quiet, friendly, hard, child-like, handwritten, old, modern, etc.? There is a font that will evoke that; thereby enhancing your message.

—Style: Create a style for your brand. Another way to look at this would be you could create templates or guides of how certain types of posts, let’s say quotes, could always look. The benefit of this is two-fold: one, the viewer learns to know what the content is and two, when looking at your feed as a whole they get a visual break or pause for their eyes as there is some continuity in the visual medley. 

Ultimately, a design needs to communicate. I believe it should be simple yet powerful, logical yet emotional, and informative yet inquisitive. 

Your design choices allow individuals to know who you are and in the case of most of you, you’d like them to identify with you and be part of your tribe. If you’d like to stand out against the masses, use the skills of a talented graphic designer to help you hone in on creating strong, effective messaging. Nail down your brand, your story, your aesthetic so there is no doubt what you’re all about. 

Hope you found that helpful. If you need help, Mara knows how to get ahold of me :)



Guest Blogger



Why is search engine optimization important?
What does SEO do?
How can search engine optimization help your business?
How to do SEO for your website?
How does search engine optimization relate to social media?

These are all fantastic and vital questions! I’m glad you asked! You’ll need to know a bit about each one, especially if you are looking at using internet marketing to boom your business.

Every website should be generating high volume leads/reaches that turn into a high volume of customers.  That is the purpose of a website after all. The good news? Every website can!

In this blog I am going to answer the above questions and hopefully send you on your way to becoming an SEO master.


Search Engine Optimization can be defined as:

“The process of maximizing the number of visitors to your website by ensuring that your site appears high in the results given by a search engine.”

Let's break this down a little bit further.

SEO is “everything you gotta do to get your site to show up when people search for your  product or similar companies.”

Example time!

 Let’s pretend that I own a dog walking business in Los Angeles, California. We’ll call it Scruffy Trotters. And I’ve built a beauty website for it. So, I sit back and wait for the money to flow… except it isn’t. No one is coming to my website!


A little voice chimes in my head “well of course no one is coming to my site, they don’t even know it exists yet!”

But I am in luck. There are three fantastic and provenly effective ways to drive customers to a website.

1. Social Media Marketing

This is Mara Edwards specialty. Using social media websites and apps (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) you are able to build huge audiences and generate new levels of interest in your website, business or product. Mara and her team utilize social media to create business. This is one of the best ways to promote in a digital world. 104 million people use Instagram every day in the United States alone. That’s a lot of potential customers!

The next method of driving potential customers to your website is…

2. Online Advertising

This is a highly effective way of driving in potential customers to your website. But watch out, this one can also lose you some money too. There are a lot of ways to waste a quite a bit of money very fast in online advertising if you don’t know the ropes already. 

It’s important that you know the do's and don'ts before you dive in. A lot can be said about the massive benefits of online advertising as well. I'll cover that in a different blog as there is a lot to say on the subject.

If you are interested in diving right into Online Advertising and generating immediate sales, you will want to contact Mara and she can have you work with one of her Online Advertising Brokers to walk you through your first steps.

The third, and I would say one of the most vital ways to increase traffic to your website is called…

3. Search Engine Optimization – SEO for short.

When we're about search engine optimization, we're talking about websites like Google, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, etc. These websites have billions upon billions of listings on them.

And they use certain programs to determine what websites to show when people are searching for a certain term.


Let’s keep going with the Dog Walking example. But now let’s say that I am a potential customer. I have a dog and I live in LA and I want to get it walked. Scruffy Trotters is the perfect company for me. Only one problem, I’ve never heard of it.

So, I go to google and I do a search for “Dog walkers in Los Angeles”.

I wait about half a second and then google tells me that it found about 175 million! results for dog walkers in Los Angeles. That's a lot of results. Now, the very first thing you're going to see at the top of the page is a few advertisement.  This is where your ad would go. And can be it can be a very profitable to place ads here. But again, there is an exact system on how to make the most money out of your Google advertising or social media advertising. And I don't recommend just jumping in without doing a fair amount of research on it first or getting someone to help you avoid the pitfalls.

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 10.09.54 AM.png

 After the advertising section you will see the organic search results. By “organic” we mean the ones that are not paid for but occur only because of SEO. This is where you want to be. Getting to the first page of google is the goal of most online businesses. But being anyone in the first five pages will produce an increase that you can feel.

(BONUS FACT – Another abbreviation worth knowing about it SEM – which stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM = SEO with the addition of paid advertising. SEO is the subject of generating traffic to your website through search engines. The term SEM includes both that and the subject of internet paid advertising. Hope you have enjoyed today's bonus fact.) 

I personally know of one company that spends nearly nothing on advertising, but by use of skilled search engine optimization has gotten themselves onto the first page and maintained on the first page of Google for quite some time. Their company is thriving and expanding just from clients that find them on google.

Now that we know what SEO is and why it is vital, let’s take a look at how to do it.


Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 10.11.31 AM.png

Before we dive straight into the how, we first have to clear up another important term… And that is “keywords”.
Keywords are those words or phrases that show search engines and potential customers that your site is THE ONE they are looking for. These are the magic words that bring customers in to your website first. They tell google and bing that your website should show up before someone else’s. Basically, they make or break your SEO.

Scary right? Doesn’t have to be. And I’ll show you why

Keywords are different depending on what type of business you are in. Sticking with our Dog Walking company, we would want to use keywords related to the walking of dogs. You might want to use words on your website like “dog” and “walking” and “pet”. These are pretty evident. What may not be quite as evident is how important it would be to use words like “inexpensive”, “Los Angeles”, “best dog walker”, and “pet health” as phrases.

In SEO, you want to fill up your website with all of these terms in a way that makes sense and communicates your message correctly. It is very important that you do not just spam these terms around your website. Google will knock your rating down for that. But don’t be discouraged from using the right keywords often and everywhere. Post blogs, update pages, add content constantly. And that’s the HOW of SEO.

Half the battle in SEO is choosing the right keywords. This part is going to require some digging and will change regularly so it’s important that you update often and post new blogs. 

Obviously each every company is going to have their own keywords. People search different things depending on the type of service or product they are looking for. You wouldn’t use the same keywords in a car sales business as you would in a car wash business.

In order to choose great keywords you have to ask answer two questions.

1. What specialties or unique qualities does my company have?

2. What words/phrases are my potential customers searching?

The first question you will have to answer on your own. Put some good thought into it and discuss it with your staff.

To answer the second question, you have some good tools at your fingertips. They take a bit of getting used to but you can’t SEO without knowing what people are searching for. I’ll cover them more thoroughly in another blog, but here’s a quick list to get started.


1. Google keywords and autofill

Searching on Google is one of the best ways to locate keywords. Try it out by searching for something related to your company. Example: Search for Dog Walkers in Los Angeles.

At the bottom of the page you will see a section entitled “Searches related to...” This is a great way to find out what others are searching for and use these keywords on your website.


Buzzsumo is an awesome website that helps you find out what topics are currently popular on social media and on the internet, what's getting the most searches and views.


This is one of my personal favorites. They use Google and Bing and their massive database to help you predict what searchers are going to ask.

Who uses search engine optimization?

That’s a question that’s been floating around. And the answer is everyone! If you own a business or want to sell a product, you need SEO.

You always judge a man by his actions not his words. But that is not true of search engines. Search engines always judge a website based off their words.

How much does search engine optimization cost?

The answer to that can vary very widely. But on average an expert will charge between $80 to $130 an hour. Further, the average is about $800 to $1500 per month to have someone working on retainer. You can also do search engine optimization yourself for relatively no financial investment. This requires a bit of training and practice and quite a lot of writing but with a bit of a fumble and a bumble and a tumble you can make your way through.

The right words matter.  If your website has 10,000 words on it, and only 10 to 20 are the right words, you are in trouble. Try something more in the range of 500-1,000 of the right words. Now we are really cooking.

When you pay a professional, you are paying someone who knows the rights words to use or how to find them. It’s a constantly changing game and so it’s important you keep up-to-date with the latest in SEO techniques.


Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 11.42.10 AM.png

Search Engine Optimization is directly related and connectable to social media. They work hand-in-hand. In fact, whatever company is handling your social media marketing should also be familiar with SEO.

Mara Edwards has on her team SEO professionals that can not only help boom your business through social media, but can also make sure that they are posting interesting and keyword heavy updates.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back in for regular updates and blog posts. And don’t forget to subscribe to the mailing list!

Until next time,

Forrest Will

Do I have to use ALL THESE PLATFORMS?!?!

Good News: Here’s one less thing to spread yourself thin on

When getting into social media, a lot of users first inclination is to dive into every avenue and make an account in While the enthusiasm is admirable, it tends to lead to burnout and is not necessary for social media success!


Some of the largest social media presences in the world only rely on one, maybe two platforms and they LIVE off of it. Like house in the Hamptons, modern craftsman house, clothing line at Nordstrom, live off it. So you, my friend, do not need to be killing yourself with throwing content across the social media universe. 

The best way to find out what the correct platform for yourself is to ask where your personal audience is most drawn to. If you’re a DIY Queen or King – check out Pinterest! There is a huge audience ready to do it all themselves that would appreciate your wonderful insight! Pinterest can display your projects from start to finish beautifully, and lead an audience to even more things you’ve got going! But if your more into cute pictures or quick outfit shots with some short stories or witty quips – then maybe Instagram is more of your guy…well, thing…well, network.


It all comes down to what YOU want to create! You could be a huge Twitter fan but find that your content doesn’t entirely match up with 140 characters! It all comes back to you, your creation and your brand and what network will showcase you most valuably. 

AKA refer to previous posts and then check out the social media network options!

Most importantly, start with one and HAVE FUN. If that one goes well and you’re feeling good – try another one! Switch up your content and adjust based off your new platform and expanded audiences. Try new things, figure out your style and guess what – if you decide its not the right platform it is A LOT easier to delete one rather than 20 profiles. 

A hint: Instagram is a real good beginner’s start ;)

Much Love,


Blogs That Get Your Name Out There - by Special Guest Blogger Forrest Will

Professional Blogger and Web Designer

Hi, I’m Forrest and I’ll be your blogger for the evening…

So what is a “blog”, really? We’ve all heard the word. But what does it mean for you and your company?

Well, for that we must take a quick look into the distant past, long before the dawn of Facebook, Twitter, and even Myspace! We must look to the bright beginnings of the World Wide Wide.

Back in those days, there wasn’t really any way for people to find your website. Search engines were brand new things. Google was just a dream in its founders eyes. It was a magical time, where finding something on the internet was a game of skill as well as chance.

And then, the web-log was born! Anyone could make one. You just wrote a regular log of your life or your industry and people came to see what was new. This became later known as blogging.

Blogging became a way for people to find you. Search engines (like Google or started using what people wrote in their blogs to help potential customers find them. And a new age was begun.


Is it important to have a blog on my website? Seems like a lot of work!

Having a great blog is VITAL! And it is a bit of work, to have it done right. But I might be able to give you a few pointers to send you in the right direction. Blogging can be confusing at first. But without it, it is unlikely that your website will gain the long-term momentum that you need to really get things going. 

Search Engines use what has been written in your blogs and on your site to determine whether or not your website is relevant, up-to-date or likely to be what the customer is trying to find. Without that, it’s hard for the 1.17 billion Google users to find you. Phew, that’s a lot of people out there searching!

How long does it need to be?

I might be about to startle a few bloggers with this one. But I’d rather you have the true scoop.

A blog should be anywhere between 300-2500 words. That’s quite a range, right?

Many bloggers recommend blogs be between 300-600 words. This is not a horrible rule of thumb but it’s not quite right either.

The proper size of a blog varies greatly depending on what your goals are.

To generate general interest in your page, encourage people to post comments and share your page, go with between 300-600 words per post.

As you increase the word count, you’ll see fewer people commenting, but more people sharing your blog on their facebook pages, etc.

If you want Google to find you, love you and recommend you to all the world by having your company be on the first pages of Google… you’ll want to aim closer to 2,500 words per blog.

Now, I know that’s a bit of a big gap. It all has to do with search engines and how they work. The highest ranking blogs on google average around 2,500 words per post.

I would encourage website owners to post a minimum of two short blogs (300 words) and one long blog (at least 1000 words) per week.

To summarize – shorter blogs are better for getting people to post comments on your site and interact, long posts are better for getting shares and increasing your standing on search engines. With all that said, it is more important for your blog to be on-topic, interesting and helpful than it is for it to be long.


What does it need to include?

Keywords, keywords… who’s got the keywords.

Keywords are those words that helps Google, Facebook and Yelp find you. They are the words you include in your blog to make sure that you pop up when people are searching for those words.

Example: If you are a hairdresser, you might want to include the words “shampoo” or “free hair wash” or “Sephora” in your blog posts.

Example: If you write children's adventure books, you would want to include the name of your publisher, a link to a bookstore with your books in it, the words “family”, “children”, and “adventure”.

The most important thing is to have your blog written by an actual thinking human being. Be interested in the topic and write content that fits with what others are searching for. Write a lot and frequently. Post a couple nice pictures in each blog and you are well on your way!

How long until I see results?

While blogs are powerful, they also take time. All too often I’ve seen someone invest in blogging for a few weeks, see little results and then give up. This is like baking a cake for 3 minutes and then tossing it out because it isn’t fully cooked.

Let’s look at some statistics.

The owner of (worth about $94,000,000) started out worth nearly nothing and the owner built it up over time. He would post about 2-3 blog posts PER DAY for 18 months. It generated enough income to allow him to create a larger team and they started posting nearly a dozen blogs per day. Their posts are on-topic and written in a way to encourage search engines to rank them highly.

Another website called ConversionXL reached millions of viewers within just a few years of blogging. They posted about once every 5 days, 6 blogs a month.

You can read up on some great blogging stories here.

To summarize: While blogging can generate the millions of views that you need to create a massively booming company, it can’t be done overnight. It takes between 6-12 months of steady blog posting (done right) before you see much results. You should expect your website views to go up-up-up once you reach around 600 blog posts.

How Social Media Management Creates Success

Social Media is used to create a brand, get yourself out there, and make yourself known. By using platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, you are creating a social brand that drives people into your website.

If you combine your blog with a machine that is driving in viewers, you are adding gasoline to the fire. Keep it up and you can expect a boom (in a good way).


Looking for some help writing your blogs? Need a professional website designed and built? Find me at


Captions 101

What makes a good caption?

When it comes to social media, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-written caption is worth ten thousand. While not usually the easiest to write, captions are vital in your social media growth and engagement and help your readers really get to know your brand: you.

Captions can be frustrating. Usually when you're describing something about yourself, you are communicating it at least one other person. Whether you're first meeting someone, going to an interview, hanging out with a friend, or starting any new relationship there is a relay point for what you're saying on the immediate other end. Whereas with captions, it can easily feel like you are essentially typing an uninteresting message to yourself.

The key here is to keep this in mind: while there is a much larger delay, you DO have MANY receivers of what you have to say on the other end of that post! They might not answer you so immediately like someone on the other end of a phone or coffee table, but that doesn't mean you should let your story fall flat.

Social media is the place where you can paint the picture of who you are - all of the colors and activities and ups and downs that go into your life. So engaging your following within the words of your caption is crucial in putting forward exactly what you want to. 


Here are three helpful questions to make sure you are earning points and grabbing attention in your captions:

1. Is this somehow connecting me to the reader?

Human beings like connection!  Write captions like you are catching up with a friend you love and haven't seen in awhile and you want to know what they're up to! Be interested in your story enough to tell it well but also be interested in how others relate!

2. Am I telling a story?

It’s good to come to some resolution in your captions, which is why its a little easier to think of it like telling a story. This doesn't mean you need to come up with crazy, life-threatening, suspense-filled tales to fit a "story." It means make a start, middle, and an end to experiences or statements.  When you tell a story, it gives a chance for your audience to get to know you, understand the life you live and what you've been through and relate. 

3. Am I being me?

Sometimes when you first start writing captions, it can feel like a huge writer’s block and you might find yourself trying to find inspiration from other accounts. While thats fine to get ideas - make sure your caption sounds like YOU! Be you and be real!  If you don't like watching Netflix, don't talk about what you've heard is good on Netflix. If you have an uncommon hobby - tell your audience about it! Build your personality into your brand and you will attract true engagement.

There’s more advice I can give on this subject but I’ve kept it to the above to get you started. So please, caption away to your heart’s content! Tell your audience who you are and watch your engagement grow.

OK - I couldn’t help not give you another tip… To get you started - here are a few prompts you can use to get those captions flowing:

1. Today I feel

2. Some surprising news

3. A daily hobby or self care activity

4. What your friends know you for

5. Heres 5 things you may not know about me

6. My favorite quote is...and here is why

7. An experience you learned from

8. A funny/embarrassing story

9. A goal of yours and why that is your goal

10. Your perfect day

Happy Posting!


Gotta Know Mara

Prego Spa Day

First things first— are locker room selfies still cool? 



No? Oh well.

Second things second - in case you haven't been following the party on Instagram, this babe is gonna be a mama! Yep that's right, Mara Jesse Edwards is Prego.

What do you do when pregnant? Well I've been told that I HAD to get a pregnancy spa day - and guys let me tell you... Larchmont Sanctuary Spa has stolen my heart, my aches and my crappy skin. Left me with a prego glow fit for an Instagram model!

They have the whole spa day down to a science and it comes in three breath-taking parts. Each one more relaxing than the last.

It starts with an aromatherapy foot ritual — with rose petals 🌹 (oh and these rocks at the bottom that feel AMAZING!)



A prenatal massage follows, delivered by a total doll who makes you feel 100% comfortable the entire time. This was my first massage so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. My hips and back felt so much better. 💆🏼‍♀️

Then comes the glow ✨✨✨— an organic pregnancy facial tailored just for you. It involved extractions, exfoliation, and a hydrating mask.

I’ve decided that I will be going back every month to get my glow back! Between the helpful and skilled staff, I have to give it a 10/10, and trust me - you will too.


Excuse Me, Your Bots Are Showing.

DEFINITION: Bot (bät) noun. plural noun: bots

  1. the larva of the botfly, which is an internal parasite of animals. It lives typically in the stomach, finally passing through the host's dung and pupating on the ground.

  2. Fake and/or purchased Instagram Followers.

(Definition #2 is what we are talking about today class).

What are Fake Followers good for? ANSWER: Absolutely nothing


Lets be real - Buying followers can be VERY tempting.

Guy Kawasaki, Silicon Valley-based Author and Marketing Specialist says: "There are two types of people on social media: people who want more followers, and liars." ---  I'd like to argue with him..... but Ive got nuttin'. He's right, who doesn't want more followers??? . 

We live in a world where you can order almost anything online at breakfast, and have it on your doorstep by lunch. Its BRILLIANT! INSTANT GRATIFICATION! 

But hold up... Here is the thing with buying instagram followers; It's just a number. The sad truth is that there is no engagement that comes with buying followers. 

If you are using instagram as a “Hey look at me I am so famous” - Then great! You should buy as many followers as your Visa will allow.

However, if you are using Instagram for any other reason… (such as growing a brand/business, create more income as an influencer, becoming more known in your niche, sharing your passion and inspiring others, etc.) THIS IS NOT THE WAY. 

It is also extremely easy to tell when an account has purchased fake followers. There are people who claim to have an organic instagram following. But 20k followers and yet only 200 likes? Either you have crap content or you purchased robot followers... Whoops sorry to burst your bubble.  

Instagram is a SOCIAL NETWORK— yes I know, MIND BLOWN. It is not a photo sharing app. The social-ness is totally lost when you have fake followers. 

If you needed more reasons to not buy instagram followers, here are 5

1. It’s goes against the terms of conditions of Instagram and puts you at risk of having your account shut down.

2. You become a platform for spam (Hello fake comments steering people away from your content!)

3. Engagement goes waaaaay down.

4. These “Followers” have nothing to do with you. *cough cough Instagram has analytics that tell them who has fake followers and who earned them the right way. LA local flower shop, 90% of their followers from Palestine..... Interesting. 

5. Your reputation gets jeopardized. YEP. Instagram every so often presses the "annihilate fake followers" button. All of a sudden you're not looking so hot.

Ok ok, enough doom and gloom. If you've purchased fake followers I'll forgive you, so long as you make an effort to replace them with REAL people and get your AMAZING CONTENT AND ART OUT THERE FOR THE WORLD TO SEE! 

Solution: Know your audience (have you named out exactly who they are, what they do, and who they are already following on Instagram?), engage them (Don't be shy. Send a DM that isn't a d**k pic and people will actually want to talk with you!), and share great content (ding ding ding! High quality images, and keep it to 3 things that your page is all about). Those are a few key ingredients of a winning Instagram strategy. 

At the end of the day, 100 real followers who engage/ and trust your opinions will always beat 10,000 followers who are actually just a couple of robots spamming with “free” apple products.

Want more advice? Want to write me back a cheeky email? Either way I want to hear from you. Let the emails fly my way.

Much Love,







My FIRST Facial

Yes you read that correctly, my FIRST. Growing up I never had any real skin issues that a bar of Dove soap didn’t fix. Then this weird thing happened… I hit 23 and suddenly it was like my skin did a total 180! It was either too oily, or dry and cracking, or it'd be totally clear and then I would wake up - and BAM huge breakout. My personal favorite… I would just basically look like a very animated zombie. 

BUT THEN: I found Glow Skincare and OMG! 

Here is the 411:

I arrived and sat in their adorable (totally Instagramable) waiting room. I grabbed a quick glass of water out of the cutest glittery cups I'd ever seen, and within a couple of minutes I met Kasey and was called back to the room that I would soon come to call Heaven (or the closest to it I would ever see on this Earth).


I quickly changed into a towel dress, put on a head band, and then laid down in HEATED SHEETS (GAH).

IMG_9472 2.jpg

Besides the fact that Kasey is a total skin goddess, she is also so sweet and knowledgeable. I was quickly informed that at a certain point I would need to use more than a bar of soap to handle my skin. 

My visit included, at the risk of channeling your big green monster of envy,  steaming, massaging, cleansing, exfoliation, and everything nice. My skin was so happy after all of this. I mean… LOOK! It was the bombdigity.


And the results have lasted! It has been 4 days and I am still glowing. I am definitely putting this into my monthly routine. Not only did it make my skin SO HAPPY IT IS PRACTICALLY SINGING AND DANCING — but truthfully this girl boss really needed the R&R. Thanks Glow Skincare, you have a customer for life! 

Wanna know more about Glow Skincare? I don't blame ya! Here ya go!

That Midweek Slump

I don’t know about you but when I get to Wednesday I’m ready to wave the white flag and spend the rest of the week in bed. Being a #girlboss isn’t always easy or fun! 🤕🤕🤕 (Although most of the time it is fun🕺🏼)

Here are a few tips that are currently working to motivate me midweek! 

1. Write it down!: I have multiple different journals, each one I use for a different income source. When I feel overwhelmed I grab that journal and jot down anything and everything that I need to do. It really puts it in perspective. You create a battle plan (BP) which can be prioritized and contented much more easily! 


2. I switched from coffee to tea🙀
Yes I know, shocking! But I realized that coffee at midday was giving me a serious CRASH! I found this tea brand called @teamiblends, they have an awesome blend called “focus”. It totally helps me to keep on track, but without the crash. Sweetened with stevia instead of sugar and I’m ready to go! I’ve teamed up with teami, use my coupon code MARA15 for 15% off! 

3. TAKE A WALK! It doesn’t have to be a long one. But just a walk down the block and back can really help you to see things more clearly and get in the right head space to get some serious #bossbabe-ness movin’ and groovin’!!


Hope this helps you accomplish all you set out to today! If you have any tips on how you stay motivated and focused, DM me! Can’t wait to hear em!

Much Love,


Why on Earth am I Blogging?

Hi, I’m Mara Edwards. 

M. E. get it?

Gotta know ME... 

Gotta know Mara



thought it was clever.)

Nice to meet ya! 


I’m 22 and a college drop-out. I live in Los Angeles with my husband Alex and our two pups Hiccup and Jinx. Originally from Alabama, I moved here when I was 14 with my dad and sisters.

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

And before you continue reading, I am not exceptionally impressive in any way. 

I am not: 

  • A makeup artist

  • A fashionista 

  • A super mom 

  • A brilliant mind

  • A famous actress

Or rich. 

Why am I blogging? 

That is a GREAT question. 

And here’s the answer, I am happy. 

I remember times when I was not. When happiness seemed impossible. I am writing this blog to share what makes me happy, and what makes my life a little easier. Because truth of the matter is, Adulting is hard. There is no book or instruction manual. But it’s not impossible and I am living proof that it can even be fun. 

Here are a few tips I've found helpful: 

1. Find Something to Like About It:

In the world that we live in today it is very easy to feel like there is no good anywhere. Between the media and crummy people out there, a person’s day get’s dark rather quickly. The only way that I have found a way out of the darkness is to find something to like about it. Like that guy on the freeway who just can’t seem to USE HIS F^%$ING BLINKER, he has lovely break lights. Or that person at work who loves to give orders but is a total hypocrite, she did really well to get into a position of power there. I know that it sounds silly. After a while it becomes a habit. I am a strong believer of what you put out is what you get back And seeing the good in others instead of the bad sure does make for a happier life.

2. Drink Lots of Water

3. Coconut Oil - Put that ish on everythang. 


Excited to share every detail of my (average) life with you. 

Much Love,