The Key to Consistency is in Your Purse


We’ve talked a lot about posting consistently, right?

As human beings, we seem to have a knack for complicating things. The minute you start thinking about posting - you’re basically setting up to require a Vanity Fair caliber photo shoot of yourself - daily - to keep your content looking best, and before you’ve even started you’re stopping yourself.

This blog is here to tell you very simply: to simplify.

Remember back in 2011 that song called “Friday”? It was a very complex song with this very obscure and ambiguous concept of…Friday. Like it or hate it - it went completely viral and was a song about the last day before the weekend.

The point is - extremely simple.

That’s not to say you need to go write a song about your favorite day of the week. What we are saying is - use the thing in your back pocket, purse, or more likely your hand!! - your iPhone, and take pictures of your daily life!


Apple has put a lot of work into putting a decent-quality-picture-taking camera right in the palm of your hand and especially just getting started on Instagram - the quality you’re looking for is completely possible!

Create a fun little something in your day - as simple as a trip to your favorite coffee shop - and take pictures of it!

And to help you out - we’ve included a few helpful tips to get the best photo you can out of that handheld content capture-er ;)


1. Check the exposure

Your phone naturally tries to adjust to the exposure and tends to err on the overexposed side - most of us all like bright lively photos but tap your screen in the brightest area of the scene a few times before taking a photo to adjust exposure options and make sure the light is in the right place!

2. Pick a palette


One way to keep your feed cohesive is through - color! Surprise, surprise! Take a look around you now - what colors are you more likely to wear, decorate with and generally choose or gravitate towards? Those ones are generally going to be the easiest to find in your environment and incorporate more into your feed.

When taking photos - try to keep those colors in mind and find them somewhere! If you’re someone who loves a house plant like a pet, look for greens next to your latte art or selfie with friends! Chances are you have some great shades around!

3. Watch the light


We’ll be honest - its very seldom a flash works well. Which means - those "in a cool dark restaurant photos with friends" are haaardd to make work. We recommend: scouting a cute spot outside for your photo of the day, snapping it and putting away your phone to enjoy the moment. Natural lighting is always a winner! So, if you need some more light move closer to the window or open the door! Let the sun in and keep the light soft and not harsh. if you are in LA — check out this list of grammable places!

4. Get some help from filters

Filters should enhance the colors and light you have already curated. They shouldn’t do aaalll the work. But they can be super helpful in taking your content the extra mile. Here’s a few photo editing apps we recommend:


a. VSCO - You can pay a yearly fee for a larger range of options but the basics are pretty darn good! If you can spring for the VSCO membership do so! You can play around with colors, lighting, exposure and much more and become a pro of your own and create and save your own filters.

b. Snapseed - Snapseed has some filters but really a lot of great tools for adjusting the great photo you already have! Download it and just play around!
c. Instagram - The old favorite and a great beginner intro to filters! Instagram has greatly increased the amount of filters they have as well as the quality! Starting off with consistently applying your favorite Instagram filter will not steer you wrong!


So - check out these apps and get that phone out and do something fun and photographable today!

Much Love,

Mara Jesse