My FIRST Facial

Yes you read that correctly, my FIRST. Growing up I never had any real skin issues that a bar of Dove soap didn’t fix. Then this weird thing happened… I hit 23 and suddenly it was like my skin did a total 180! It was either too oily, or dry and cracking, or it'd be totally clear and then I would wake up - and BAM huge breakout. My personal favorite… I would just basically look like a very animated zombie. 

BUT THEN: I found Glow Skincare and OMG! 

Here is the 411:

I arrived and sat in their adorable (totally Instagramable) waiting room. I grabbed a quick glass of water out of the cutest glittery cups I'd ever seen, and within a couple of minutes I met Kasey and was called back to the room that I would soon come to call Heaven (or the closest to it I would ever see on this Earth).


I quickly changed into a towel dress, put on a head band, and then laid down in HEATED SHEETS (GAH).

IMG_9472 2.jpg

Besides the fact that Kasey is a total skin goddess, she is also so sweet and knowledgeable. I was quickly informed that at a certain point I would need to use more than a bar of soap to handle my skin. 

My visit included, at the risk of channeling your big green monster of envy,  steaming, massaging, cleansing, exfoliation, and everything nice. My skin was so happy after all of this. I mean… LOOK! It was the bombdigity.


And the results have lasted! It has been 4 days and I am still glowing. I am definitely putting this into my monthly routine. Not only did it make my skin SO HAPPY IT IS PRACTICALLY SINGING AND DANCING — but truthfully this girl boss really needed the R&R. Thanks Glow Skincare, you have a customer for life! 

Wanna know more about Glow Skincare? I don't blame ya! Here ya go!