Captions 101

What makes a good caption?

When it comes to social media, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well-written caption is worth ten thousand. While not usually the easiest to write, captions are vital in your social media growth and engagement and help your readers really get to know your brand: you.

Captions can be frustrating. Usually when you're describing something about yourself, you are communicating it at least one other person. Whether you're first meeting someone, going to an interview, hanging out with a friend, or starting any new relationship there is a relay point for what you're saying on the immediate other end. Whereas with captions, it can easily feel like you are essentially typing an uninteresting message to yourself.

The key here is to keep this in mind: while there is a much larger delay, you DO have MANY receivers of what you have to say on the other end of that post! They might not answer you so immediately like someone on the other end of a phone or coffee table, but that doesn't mean you should let your story fall flat.

Social media is the place where you can paint the picture of who you are - all of the colors and activities and ups and downs that go into your life. So engaging your following within the words of your caption is crucial in putting forward exactly what you want to. 


Here are three helpful questions to make sure you are earning points and grabbing attention in your captions:

1. Is this somehow connecting me to the reader?

Human beings like connection!  Write captions like you are catching up with a friend you love and haven't seen in awhile and you want to know what they're up to! Be interested in your story enough to tell it well but also be interested in how others relate!

2. Am I telling a story?

It’s good to come to some resolution in your captions, which is why its a little easier to think of it like telling a story. This doesn't mean you need to come up with crazy, life-threatening, suspense-filled tales to fit a "story." It means make a start, middle, and an end to experiences or statements.  When you tell a story, it gives a chance for your audience to get to know you, understand the life you live and what you've been through and relate. 

3. Am I being me?

Sometimes when you first start writing captions, it can feel like a huge writer’s block and you might find yourself trying to find inspiration from other accounts. While thats fine to get ideas - make sure your caption sounds like YOU! Be you and be real!  If you don't like watching Netflix, don't talk about what you've heard is good on Netflix. If you have an uncommon hobby - tell your audience about it! Build your personality into your brand and you will attract true engagement.

There’s more advice I can give on this subject but I’ve kept it to the above to get you started. So please, caption away to your heart’s content! Tell your audience who you are and watch your engagement grow.

OK - I couldn’t help not give you another tip… To get you started - here are a few prompts you can use to get those captions flowing:

1. Today I feel

2. Some surprising news

3. A daily hobby or self care activity

4. What your friends know you for

5. Heres 5 things you may not know about me

6. My favorite quote is...and here is why

7. An experience you learned from

8. A funny/embarrassing story

9. A goal of yours and why that is your goal

10. Your perfect day

Happy Posting!


Gotta Know Mara