Don't You Worry About A Thing

It can be scary letting someone else run an important part of your business for you. We know it can also be overwhelming trying to manage everything you need to make your business flourish all on your own. Our process at Gotta Know ME is very simple...

Let's Get To Know Each Other Better

We get to know you a bit better by speaking with you over the phone, via email, video call, even in-person meetings can be arranged. The intention of us meeting you is to understand your company purpose, products/services, and the goals of your business. We also find out what has been done to improve your Social Media presence in the past, and understand what worked well and what didn't work well. This helps us ensure we can deliver what you are looking for, and that what we can deliver is something you want too.

Let's Get Started!

After the meeting, we compose and deliver you a “Battle Plan”, that summarizes the results of the social media analysis, the goals we've discussed, and the actions we will implement to hit those goals. Once we’ve nailed everything down we sign a contract and start working together. We love a happy ending, don't you?