Do I have to use ALL THESE PLATFORMS?!?!

Good News: Here’s one less thing to spread yourself thin on

When getting into social media, a lot of users first inclination is to dive into every avenue and make an account in While the enthusiasm is admirable, it tends to lead to burnout and is not necessary for social media success!


Some of the largest social media presences in the world only rely on one, maybe two platforms and they LIVE off of it. Like house in the Hamptons, modern craftsman house, clothing line at Nordstrom, live off it. So you, my friend, do not need to be killing yourself with throwing content across the social media universe. 

The best way to find out what the correct platform for yourself is to ask where your personal audience is most drawn to. If you’re a DIY Queen or King – check out Pinterest! There is a huge audience ready to do it all themselves that would appreciate your wonderful insight! Pinterest can display your projects from start to finish beautifully, and lead an audience to even more things you’ve got going! But if your more into cute pictures or quick outfit shots with some short stories or witty quips – then maybe Instagram is more of your guy…well, thing…well, network.


It all comes down to what YOU want to create! You could be a huge Twitter fan but find that your content doesn’t entirely match up with 140 characters! It all comes back to you, your creation and your brand and what network will showcase you most valuably. 

AKA refer to previous posts and then check out the social media network options!

Most importantly, start with one and HAVE FUN. If that one goes well and you’re feeling good – try another one! Switch up your content and adjust based off your new platform and expanded audiences. Try new things, figure out your style and guess what – if you decide its not the right platform it is A LOT easier to delete one rather than 20 profiles. 

A hint: Instagram is a real good beginner’s start ;)

Much Love,